¡Arrancamos nueva web!

Los tiempos cambian y el grupo… también. Es por eso que le hemos dado un lavado de cara a la web. Consideramos que los menús son más sencillos y accesibles. En ella encontraréis todo el material necesario para entender el escultismo y cómo lo trabaja nuestro grupo. Además de, como siempre, fotos, contacto, fichas…

Como novedad, se añade este tablón. Donde, desde la pantalla de inicio, informaremos sobre noticias del grupo, actividades, os contaremos cómo nos ha ido… etc.

Esperamos que os guste.

Siempre listos, beti prest.

23 thoughts on “¡Arrancamos nueva web!”

  1. In the evening, I hear the sound of wings covering the sky. «It’s the sound of the wings of angels shooting across the sky to report to their owners about the children they protect.» Sina smiled again with her head up. «That’s… How should I say this?» Yes. It’s very loud and very beautiful like the sound of water falling from Niagara Falls on TV. Anyway… They’re really powerful people.

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  2. Who will you meet and who will you reject? Which door should I open and which door should I close? And. Will it remain on the child’s path or move on to the adult’s path.» I see. Sina sat in a chair and looked at her opponent. «…But there’s an interesting story about this road. Do you want me to tell you?» Yes. Sina put her hands together and put the end of it on her lips. Both eyes were mischievously, with a smile. «Hmm… This is my friend’s story.»

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  5. The racers were now feeling an inevitable anger. «If you say it like that…» Isn’t it the same for you? Kalisna. You’ve always wanted to be a queen, haven’t you? Would you have married me if I wasn’t a Hilato Pioneer? No… I don’t think so. You’ve been talking to Beugent’s Suadion for a while, not me.

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  6. In this case, my honor will also be blown away. You said you’d break it up right away,» the racers laughed. «Thanks to you… I got a lot of help in stabilizing the hilato, Carlys. Thanks to your engagement with me, I was able to defeat some prominent successors of the Hilato throne and protect the throne. Thank you for Kalian’s help. But… As you said. Like my parents…» A smile disappeared from the eyes of the racers.

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  7. «Well, what should I say?» No matter what you say. Because I don’t think my parents lived as if they were strangers. So many royal families live like that. I don’t know what that’s a complaint about.»Racers!» Kalisna looked puzzled. The racers, who saw the snow, suddenly recalled the conversation of their parents that they overheard in Zion.

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  8. Then, suddenly, the irritation poured out like water. This is a copy plate just like that. It’s painful and unpleasant. «…Get out of here. Kalisna. Since it’s late at night…Yulus, I’m sorry. Will you walk Kalisna?» Jules, who was just watching this situation, seemed to be thinking about something and spoke slowly. «Uh… Okay. I got it.» «Ray…!» «Sister? Let’s go out.» But when Kalisna seemed to show signs of opposition, Yulis spoke quietly, rubbing against her ear. «…You made a mistake. So tell me the rest later.»

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  9. I don’t even remember about the racers. But Luparte’s idea seems to be different. «You liar, you devil’s illegitimate child!» Are you saying that you forgot everything you did? Even so, I can’t forget what you said!!»…What do you mean…?» Luparte made a sound of his teeth and pushed him to the side. «Oh no! It’s comfortable for someone who lost their memory!» But– just keep this in mind!

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  10. And if you’re really going to… Like in a duel, quit playing another guy and try it yourself. Premier Luit, you jerk.» «—!» Luparte’s eyes flashed dangerously. However, Ludrat stared at him with no less eyes than him. Then Luparte, who saw the snow, burst into laughter. «LOL». «Haha hot…» Loudrat frowned. I thought he was really crazy. «Come out and try it yourself?» This me?

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  11. Like you said, I’m Premier Louite? Puhaha… If I could do that, how relieved would it be, my dear cousin? You dual personality.» «—!» Ludrat was annoyed. «Stop saying things you don’t know. How many times do I have to say that I don’t understand? «Oh, oh… Good! I made a mistake! Definitely. Yeah. What am I doing this night holding onto you!» Luparte shrugged.

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  12. «…No matter how much you say it, it’s enough if you say you don’t know. But you probably know, right?»Luparte smiled and tapped his shoulder. And he left and said. «…Even if you deny it, what you’ve done remains to the end. I don’t forget that. I feel bad for your treatment, even though I pretended not to know. You… Seeing what you’ve been doing lately. I think it’s time to return the price.

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  13. «Then, did you reject SEON ASNAEL’s position as a Luit because it wasn’t honorable?» What on earth are you up to?» Then Hadit noticed something and stared at Ludat. «You…» Now, Ludrat lowered his hem and straightened the wrinkles in the middle of his chest so that Esmeralda (Clonia’s symbol flower) engraved in silver could be clearly revealed. «You…» «Why?» «I thought you’d come to «The Maiden’s Meeting». Don’t you think so?

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  14. «You become a Guardian, and look closely at him–» «…No.» «—!» Ludrat looked back. «No, Hadit. I decided to perform the Guardian’s duties, SEON Aphinez…» Ludrat had a sunken eye. I’m the younger sister of Hilato Racers. «It’s not because of him.»
    «Why do you wear such white and silver clothes?» She’s not even a bride?» Sina, who was wearing clothes that attracted the hem of a long robe with the help of the maids, asked this question. Then the maid nodded and replied.

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  15. «What? What do you mean you’re not a bride?» «This is a color symbolizing Clonia.» Only then did Sina nod. Is it like that? This is not a special wedding dress that symbolizes a wedding. It’s a symbol of Clonia’s… Hmm… Is it because the bride married Clonia? I can’t believe he has to wear such clothes.

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  16. It’s unique. Another maid tied a band just below her chest and smiled, pulling the knot down to her long, abundant pants. «The flowers in this knot are Esmeralda…» You’ll see it in person soon, but it’s Esmeralda of our world.» Sina also smiled. «You’re so pretty.» It’s a pretty flower.» It’s as simple as pansy, silver petals… Harmony, the silver petals, were beautifully lit, but rather modest.

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  17. It’s already 18th. On that day of El, the weather got cold again from the morning. Then, as the late afternoon passed, the sky began to turn too blue, and soon began to show Clonia’s unique «breakable sky.» Cold and clean air. A transparent sky that seems to steam just by breathing. In such a large and beautiful sky, a white cloud floated with a long tail. It’s been a while since I went out, so Sina breathed deeply and spit it out. The white breath came out. Inside the courtyard of the palace,

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  18. There were several kilns for royal ladies. It was a white and beautiful kiln decorated with elaborate Esmeralda flowers. As she walked through the kiln door with the guidance of the maids, Sina recalled the words of Elijahion Gadiel. From now on, he will stop by Kahal for a while, and then go to a place called «The Forest of the Royal Family» and «The Bride’s Room» in the middle for seven days to stay. Going all the way to Cena, the Kaluson Inn, has a lot of troubles.

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  19. However, he said that all he had to do was follow what the maids (fortunately, Nelly also said she would let them go) who waited as told, and listen to the stories of the royal maidens. He said it would be okay because Asterine had a favor to her. Sina sat deeply in a soft chair prepared in the kiln. For sure, this is… If it’s a good experience, it’s a good experience. Where in the world will you experience riding such colorful and beautiful clothes and even flower kilns? Sina leaned her head against the back, and thought so.

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  20. But at that time, the trumpet sound (called Schopar) rang, and the wagon shook and moved. So, as Regam ordered earlier, Sina opened a small window of the kiln and looked outside. Countless kilns began to move in a procession by four good-looking kilns each, and in front of them, the precursor shouted loudly, «It’s a royal procession–a procession of the bride–.»

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